The Rotary Club of Brandon is throwing its hat into this year's local political ring by sponsoring and supporting current Rotary President, Chuck Burgess, in his bid to become the next Honorary Mayor of Brandon. This annual, local event put on each year by the Community Roundtable has at the forefront a purpose to bring more resources and exposure to local charities through its primary fundraising component. The candidates begin raising funds through events and donations beginning June 1st and ending July 3rd. The candidate to hand in the most money raised becomes the next Honorary Mayor of Brandon for the next year beginning at the Fourth of July parade.
The Rotary Club of Brandon has a storied tradition with the Mayor's race with many past Honorary Mayors in the club including current Rotarians Alan Feldman, Jeff Reynolds and Vince Ferraro. Monies raised in this year's race from President Chuck will go to the Bill Carey Boys and Girls Club, BSAC's TRIDENT program and youth drowning prevention program and to all of this year's designated club charities. There are scheduled events throughout the month of June for families, the ladies, the men and kids.
The kick off event will be put on by Kimberly and Roger Rivard on Friday, June 3rd, and several other events will follow including a kickball tournament (June 4th), all day laser tag at CQ Tactical Laser Tag (June 5th), a movie night hosted by the Chicks for Charities group (June 8th), a clay shoot at Fish Hawk Sporting Clays (June 11th), an underground charity dance party (June 17th), a golf tournament at Cheval Golf & Country Club (June 18th) and a 5k/1-mile Fun Run with live concert and barbecue at BSAC (June 25th).
Rotarians can sponsor, donate or support by being a part of a committee as well as attend the events. Getting others to be a part of the campaign by donating and coming to the events will help get President Chuck to the finish line!
To find out more ways to join in the campaign, go to Facebook and visit the Burgess4Brandon page or the website at Let's all support President Chuck by being a part of this fun and exciting campaign that will bring so many resources and awareness to some outstanding local charities and their causes!