Lobster for days, more crab legs than a Boston marathon, a trough-full of shrimp and just for some fun, a few steak filets were all on tap at this year's Rotary Club of Brandon Seafood Fest. This year's event was again held at Rotary's Camp Florida, and over 90 plus Rotarians, spouses and friends joined in the fun. Thanks to the hard work and all day cooking of Mike Edenfield on the seaside of things and John Dwyer for the land lovers, the event AND food were simply outstanding!
The Camp was packed both inside and out as Rotarians told stories, consumed some adult beverages and dug in with both hands cracking open lobster claws and crab legs for hours. Corn on the cob, cole slaw and Derrell Curry's famous salad all showcased themselves alongside the oceanic smorgasbord. Led by event chairs David Sigler and Cade Rivard, the event had a great turnout and some of the best food we've had in quite awhile.
"It was the best food we've had at this event that I can remember," said a guest that has been coming for years. "The shrimp were HUGE!" The sentiment was shared by all as no one wanted to leave. From little Pappsters (Chris Papp's little ones)  and mini-Myers to the next generation of Dwyers and Dimsdales to an entire gaggle of Oldhams, it was literally wall to wall Rotarians and their families enjoying the evening.
A huge thank you to all those that showed up early to help set up, cook, serve and clean up!