After a long month of fundraising, eight community events and lots and lots of phone calls and personal asks for support, Rotary President Chuck Burgess became the newest Honorary Mayor of Brandon at 8:00AM on July 4th. President of the Community Roundtable, Janine Nickerson, and longtime board member B. Lee Elam presided over the traditional "handing in of the checks" at Lee's office. Three candidates battled the entire month putting on more than 30 fundraising events in 33 days. In the end the results were record-breaking on all fronts.
Craig Beckinger, owner and operator of ABC Event Planning, raised over $24,000, George Shea, owner of the George Shea Realty Team, brought in over $36,000 and President Chuck, Executive Director of the Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center, and being sponsored by the Rotary Club of Brandon came in with an astounding $100,500. President Chuck's campaign total surpassed the previous record of $75,001. Combined the three candidates raised over $161,000 and broke the overall record by a mile!
President Chuck made sure to let everyone know that the credit goes to the community. "It was an amazing feeling and overall, just surreal," President Chuck said after winning the title of Honorary Mayor. "I am so humbled by our community's support, especially from my Board of Directors at BSAC and the Rotary Club of Brandon who really came out strong in support this year."
Representing the Rotary Club of Brandon, the Boys and Girls Club of Brandon and BSAC, President Chuck was able to bring a ton of exposure and awareness around several charities, their causes and their missions throughout the campaign. "The number one reason I ran this year was to bring more resources whether they be dollars, volunteers, awareness or exposure to all of the non profit industry," President Chuck said. "I cannot express my gratitude for this amazing opportunity to represent the Rotary Club of Brandon throughout the campaign."
After getting his name on the infamous Lee Elam sign and riding in the annual 4th of July parade, President Chuck is now geared up and ready for the year ahead to work with the Community Roundtable and use the Honorary Mayor platform to do more good in the community. "Being a Rotarian and living the mantra of service above self, this opportunity will allow me to impact even more of the non profit sector. I can't wait!"
President Chuck follows in the footsteps of past Rotarians to take the title of Honorary Mayor including Alan Feldman, Vince Ferraro and Jeff Reynolds to name a few. All right, Rotarians, who's next?!!