It was a packed house for the Rotary Club of Brandon's monthly Club Assembly at the Loft. Word on the street is it was like old times with a lot of camaraderie, stories flying through the room and lots of laughter, some of it even coming after one of Fred Schwabe's jokes! Prior to the Club Assembly, the focus was on recapping one of the best service projects the club has had in years at the new Rotary Event Center. Over 30 Rotarians along with family members and friends attended the two day project whereby preparations for renovations took place. There were kudos for John Dwyer and Larry Fassett's leadership in organizing and supervising the project, thanks to some of the harder working Rotarians and even some shots taken at some of the, let's just say, not so construction experienced members of the club, especially President Chuck.
Happy Dollars abounded as Rotarians celebrated the service project. Larry Fassett expressed his happiness for the overall Club’s involvement and hard work on Saturday. A special shout out was given because of a certain club member’s inability to figure out how to unclip an extension cord holder. John Dwyer gave happy bucks for Joe Campamor's incredible acrobatic and gymnastics ability. He didn't know if Joe was showing everyone up by doing work without a ladder or preparing for the gymnastics gold medal in Rio! John also acknowledged Cade Rivard being the first medical incident at the REC and gave Past President Craig Oldham a high five for actually completing the project without breaking his collar bone. However, we still wouldn't let him use a rubber mallet to ring a bell! Jeff Reynolds gave a happy dollar for Susan Thomason’s ability to keep all the Rotarians healthy, fed and hydrated on Saturday as well as document the great work that was being done with her photography skills.
The Rotary Club welcomed several guests with Maria Lewis visiting the club from the Senior Care Group Foundation. Maria moved in from Lakeland and searched out our club to join. Larry Galin joined us again as Dave West's guest as did John Dwyer's son Nicholas. Special Guest Michael Owen handed in his paperwork and is waiting for his seven day letter to go out so he can officially be a member of the Rotary Club of Brandon. Almost there, Michael, almost there!

Sheila Donalson and Larry Fassett both had happy bucks for their respective grandchildren’s first day of school and Jeff Reynolds acknowledged Dave Sigler’s giant alligator catch which was about 11 feet and over 700 pounds!! Can anyone say Wild Game here we come?! The Club recognized Steve Moran for his contribution to the Rotary Event Center efforts from donating money from a commission. Way to go, Steve! You are the man!!
President Chuck took nominations from the club members for charities that we would look to support this year. Applications were sent to each Rotarian who nominated a charity. Applications are due back to President Chuck no later than 5:00 on Tuesday, September 1st. The following charities were nominated:
Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center - John Dwyer
Gulf Ridge Council Boy Scouts - Jeff Reynolds
Brandon Outreach Clinic - Susan Thomason
USF Student Christian Mission - Fred Schwabe
Women's Resource Center - Sheila Donalson
Boys and Girls Club/Riverview - Jeff Reynolds on behalf of George Simmons
Boys and Girls Club/Brandon - Lee Elam
Emergency Care Help Organization (ECHO) - Steve Moran
Senior Care Group Foundation - George Anello
​Family Promise of Brandon - Vince Ferraro
​Rotary's Camp Florida/Brandon Rotary Club Charity Fund - automatically supported annually by club
During the Club Assembly portion of the program, several items were brought to the attention to the Club. First, that Tim Norstrem would be back in the club in March after wrestling season. Tim is an awesome member of our club, and we can't wait to see him back. We will be moving our next service project to a later date. It was scheduled for November 7th, but our club wants to support the Brandon 86 Seafood Fest at Rotary's Camp Florida and defend our Dragon Boat Canoe Championship! Pat Skidmore will let everyone know when the new date and project will take place. Scott Carter let the Club know that Steve Moran has agreed to be the co-chair of the golf tournament with Troy Dimsdale. Larry Fassett said that guest speaker slots were filling up fast, and Brandon Hospital CEO, Bland Eng, agreed with Jeff Reynolds' suggestion to have an upcoming meeting at the hospital so we all could get a tour of the great things that BRH is doing. The Club agreed only if Clyde Eisenberg provided the security detail! A bylaws review committee was formed to look at the current charity fund bylaws. President Chuck put together a committee with George Anello, Derrell Curry, Craig Oldham and himself. They will meet and present to the club at the next club assembly.
The club also hosted its monthly social at Wing House with a dozen Rotarians and guests attending. The Club even was joined by one of its more illustrious Past Presidents - our 2002 President, Charlie Thurman! It was great having Charlie sharing stories from his time as president and some of the impacting things the club was doing. We would love to see more of Charlie and hope he considers reconnecting with us as a member. Our next big social is scheduled for Top Golf, so you don't want to miss it! Thanks to John Dwyer for organizing!
We will be recognizing our 2014-15 charities at this Tuesday's, September 1st meeting as well as having a guest speaker, James Baker, from Mosaic. Should be another awesome meeting!!
September Celebrations
Sept 5th - Jeff Reynolds
Sept 3rd - Chris & Leila Papp (4 years)
Sept 4th - Derrell & Norma Curry (22 years)
Club Anniversaries 
Sept 1st - Mike Cessna (5 years)