After many weeks of hard work, planning, meetings and strategizing, the Rotary Club of Brandon was rewarded for its efforts as the Board of County Commissioners voted in unanimous fashion, 6-0, in favor of the rezoning to our property on Ronele Drive and Kings Avenue. We had a ton of support from our club and other local Rotary clubs in our presentation. Special thanks to Cade Rivard, Rocky Santa Cruz, John Sellers, Dave Brown, Lee Elam, Larry Fassett, Pat Skidmore, Bob Solano, Justin Northcutt, Derrell Curry, Roger Rivard, Jeff Reynolds, Michael Gottesman, Chuck Burgess, Cathy Curry (Brandon South Rotary Club), Ryan Burley (Valrico Rotary Club), Eric Judd (Brandon 86) for all making time to show up to the meeting in support of the rezoning. It definitely made a difference!
For our club the rezoning means a permanent home; for the other local Rotary clubs it means an opportunity to have a central place for meetings and events. Thanks in large part to the diligence and focus of Roger Rivard, this community-impacting, legacy-leaving project will finally be a reality. This also could not have been done without Jeff Reynolds' time and effort, Derrell Curry's contributions, John Dwyer's helpful guidance, former Rotarian Mark Johnson's assistance and the financial generosity of Joe Campoamor, Alan Feldman, Craig Oldham, George Simmons, Roger Rivard, Derrell Curry and Jeff Reynolds. Our entire Club's hard work in contributing to this also cannot go overlooked with its major contribution to this project.
Now the real work and fun begins! The Rotary Club of Brandon will begin the transformation of the property on Friday, August 21st and Saturday, August 22nd with its first service project of the Rotary year. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to come together and use our talents and skills to impact the demolition portion of the overall renovation plans to the property. This will be a great weekend of service and fellowship that every Rotarian should look forward to. Pat Skidmore and John Dwyer will be leading the charge with coordinating volunteers, roles, duties and what supplies and equipment will be needed. Make sure to carve out some time to make a difference. Scott Carter was so excited about the project that he actually came a week early just to outdo everyone else. You rock, Scott! And Debbie Meegan, don't worry, there isn't a pool or water basketball game there to break your other foot!
Our meeting this coming week features Brandon Rotary's past Rotary Youth Exchange student, Maggie Thallinger! Our club is so excited to see how her life has been going and how she has used her exchange experience to her own life's benefit. We will also be celebrating Ron Marshall's birthday (August 20th), Tom Odiorne's better half, Kelly's B-Day (August 17th) and Justin Northcutt's better three-quarters, Kendall's B-Day (August 20th)!