For the over 50 plus Rotarians and their families that attended last week's Fall Fireside Chat for the Rotary Club of Brandon, it was more than just getting together because the event was on the schedule. The evening, hosted at Rotary's Camp Florida, was an opportunity to celebrate family, friends and the community by coming together for an evening of fellowship, fun and philanthropy. Rotarians attended with their spouses and families, enjoyed some amazing steaks prepared by Event Chair, John Dwyer, got to spend time with Rotarians and listen to stories about good times of old.
Sergeant at Arms, Fred Schwabe, got the show started by getting everyone to introduce their significant other and lead us into news from Jeff Reynolds about the progress of the Rotary Event Center. President Chuck then discussed the importance of EVERY Rotarian playing a part in the success of this legacy-making opportunity moving forward.
The Club had several members that made the evening possible from Derrell Curry's infamous salad prep team to John Dwyer's amazing set up and cooking team to our volunteer-led clean up team. Awesome event!!