What a night! With almost 100 Rotarians, past Rotarians and spouses in attendance, the Rotary Club of Brandon officially kicked off its Rivard-Simmons Rotary Event Center this past Tuesday, May 23rd. To say the evening was a huge success would be an understatement with great food, Rotary fellowship and lots of fun. Roger Rivard acted as emcee for the evening holding court talking about the journey that began as a vision out of necessity, all of the people that stepped up to donate money, time, services, materials, expertise and labor, and the joy we all feel that it has turned out to be an amazing new home for us all. 
The club got an opportunity to honor George Simmons by presenting his family with the Rotary Club of Brandon's Legacy award which he received for all of his years of extraordinary service, leadership and impact in our club and community. Roger thanked all of the donors and people that made this a reality and handed the microphone over to several of the members to share some stories.
The Beth and Joe Campoamor Meeting Room was packed to the gills with Rotarians and their significant others having a blast. Rotarians got an opportunity to sport their brand new name tags, a big upgrade, and the look fits perfectly with the new digs. Overall, the kick off event was a huge success with the general feedback being, WOW!!