Tuesday - January 21st - Over 30 members and guests attended the Rotary Club of Brandon's weekly meeting to ring the bell, induct and welcome as a new Rotarian, Daniel Coyle. Daniel is a financial planner with Edward Jones, he is married with two sons. He was born in Tampa and graduated from Robinson High School. His hobbies include BBQ especially smoking meats.
The meeting leading up to Daniel's induction had a ton of energy, and the buzz of adding a new member was in the air. Rotarian Jeff Campbell brought long-time Brandon resident and Chamber Board member, Chris Myers as a guest and potential new member, and thank goodness Jeff Reynolds was there to start our Happy Birthday song to birthday boys Derrell Curry and John Gardner so we were all in tune. It was brought to the club's attention that Derrell is the second most senior member. When asked how it felt, Derrell said at his age he was just happy to be anywhere!
The big Happy Dollars announcement of the day came from Roger Rivard. Roger had a happy $10.00 to announce that his daughter informed the family that Rotarian Cade Rivard is going to be a new uncle. Roger has now started therapy for his grandfatheritis (denial that he is not old enough to be a grandfather). Good luck with that, Roger!
The club sent well wishes, good vibes and prayers to Lee Elam for a healthy and speedy recovery from surgery. Bland keeps smiling as Lee continues to rack up Brandon Regional Hospital frequent flyer miles. Lee still has a ways to go in order to get his own suite named after him like Fred Schwabe though. A couple more surgeries and you've got it, Lee. Come on, we know you can do it!
The big 50/50 drawing had Joe Campoamor and Dave Siglar drawing the King of Diamonds. No big Ace of Spades winner, but they each got to divide $10.00. Congrats, guys! Two big things also happened at the meeting this week as Sergeant At Arms Fred extended his funny joke streak to three weeks in a row. He better get this week's joke down, though, as he has had an extra week to prepare. The pressure's on, Fred, don't let us down! And, in even bigger news, Secretary Debbie Meegan got all of the meeting's notes to President Chuck while still at the meeting. Her response was a mic-dropping, BAM!! Way to go, Debbie!
On the agenda for this week's meeting is guest speaker, Mike Hazen, so it should be a good one!
Upcoming Rotary Engagement Dates for February:
2nd - Weekly Meeting - Mike Hazen
9th - Weekly Meeting - George Robertson-Burnett
15th - Rotary Board of Directors Meeting - Bank of Tampa
16th - Weekly Meeting - Joe Campoamor - Wild Game
23rd - Weekly Meeting - Club Assembly
25th - Monthly Social - World of Beer