The Rotary Club of Brandon gathered to check out the progress of its two year project - The Rivard-Simmons Rotary Event Center. With renovations continuing, lots of little projects getting finishing touches and a ton of excitement building, the club met to do a walk through and get introduced to the many amenities that the center will offer. The board room, large meeting space and member area were all highlights along with the open kitchen and prep area for caterers to set up the weekly meetings. After raising lots of money, putting in some major sweat equity, having several organizations and individuals donate materials, services and time, the center is running to the finish line.
To celebrate the kick off, the Rotary Club of Brandon is holding its Members Only Celebration event on Tuesday, May 23rd at 6:00PM. The catered event should be a unique opportunity for club members to come together to celebrate what is definitely a legacy making moment both for Rotary and the Greater Brandon community. A small program recapping the process and recognizing key organizations and individuals will take place as well as some great food and lots of fun.