The Rotary Club of Brandon had another awesome weekly meeting to kick off November as Jason Jackman from the University of South Florida's Center for Urban Transportation Research visited and engaged the entire club in an interactive game of "what do you know about transportation". 

Sergeant at Arms Fred Schwabe kicked off the meeting by announcing to the club that he was flying with a wounded wing as he injured his rotator cuff washing dishes and will be undergoing another procedure. Jeff Reynolds, never at a loss for words, suggested we should address him as the Sargeant at ARM. 

Fred led the club into our weekly Happy Dollars segment of our program, and boy did we have some great ones!
Joe Campoamor gave a happy $20.00 as he and Beth just found out they are going to be first time grandparents! Papa Campoamor was beaming the entire meeting. It was the happiest we have ever seen Joe for losing $20!
Mike Hayes was happy just to be here as he received a lot of phone calls in the last couple of weeks as he shares the same first and last name as the individual involved in the local road rage incident. 
Justin was happy to announce they were leaving to take Bailey to Chicago for her last surgery. It has been a long road for the Northcutt family, and the entire club wished them well! B Lee Elam was happy to be alive after being involved in a car accident with his brother while on a visit to North Carolina. This will probably be the last time Lee gives up control of the car!
The Club wished Vince Ferraro, Joe Campoamor, Felix Velazquez, Bland Eng and Justin Northcutt a very Happy Birthday. Everyone but Bland Eng was present for the rousing but slightly off off key rendition of Happy Birthday led by Jeff Reynolds.

Alan Feldman was present and was recognized for 29 years with the same woman, Melanie, which the Club recognized as a miracle to Alan and great community service work from Melanie! Kelly & Tommy Odiorne celebrated their Silver Anniversary this month which is probably apropos to how many gray hairs Tommy has given to Kelly over the years!

B Lee Elam and Michael Hayes were present to celebrate their Club Anniversaries. The Club gave a big "Way to GO" to Lee for celebrating his 41st year of being a Rotarian!
After all of the formalities, the club was engaged in an great presentation from Jason Jackman – Research Assistant with USF’s Center for Urban Transportation Research which is comprised of 40 FT Faculty Researchers and 60 Student Intern. Jason works on projects that focus on safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers. He gave a wonderful interactive presentation composed of surveying the club on their knowledge of transportation safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • One of their initiatives is the WalkWise Tampa Bay program which is a grassroots initiative that provides innovative pedestrian safety education to citizens. Pedestrian safety is an issue that affects everyone.     
  • Jason also provided green light reflective back pack bags for the club. 

Overall, it was a fantastic meeting with many Rotarians completely engaged throughout! The Seafood Fest is next on tap for the club, and Mike Edenfield and John Dwyer will have the pressure of preparing food for about 90 plus Rotarians on their hands. Should be fun!