The Rotary Club of Brandon got down to business with its first Club Assembly of the new Rotary Year this past week with lots of community impacting items on the agenda. First, the meeting got going with Sergeant At Arms, Fred Schwabe, welcoming some amazing guests. Nancee Sorenson from HCC visited the club and told us about some of the great things she is doing at one of the more forward thinking community colleges in Florida. We also had returning guest Michael Owen, and Dave West brought Larry Galin to visit as well.
Since there were no birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate, John Gardner decided to do a little fundraising on the spot and put up two USF mugs for auction. Dave West, probably feeling guilty because he didn't get his guest anything, went for it, paid his money and became the proud owner of two Bulls mugs! Fred had some humor and received his first honest crowd laughter of the year, and he wasn't even wearing his special red shoes!
Treasurer, Justin Northcutt, announced the birth of his second daughter and challenged President Chuck's sales skills as Justin talked his wife into letting him come to Rotary instead of being at home with the two girls. However, getting Dave Brown to be the next President of the Club still rates as the best sales job of the year. Dave Brown was quick to agree! Announcements included: No meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 11th due to the Board of County Commission meeting at 9:00AM. Rotarians are all gathering at Bob Evans on 60 at 7:30 to meet for fellowship and then to carpool afterwards. The monthly social is scheduled for Thursday at World of Beer. Pat Skidmore will have sign up lists for our first Service Project (Aug 21-22) next week and expects everyone to participate.
Club Assembly began, and the Club was presented with the budget along with a monthly support assessment to aid in the operations of the new Rotary Event Center. The Club was also presented with a motion for allocating $12,000 toward the project as well to assist getting the project off the ground. 
After some great discussion, it was unanimously approved to accept all three motions. Each committee also reported with Roger Rivard (Membership) starting things off with an explanation of how he was going to lead the charge by reaching out to former Rotarians and others that he knows that will make great
Rotarians to invite them to lunch and to see our new Rotary Event Center (when approved by the BOCC). 
Scott Carter (Fundraising) discussed he was leading the charge and looking for a co-chair for the October 24th Casino Night. He also let the Club know that Troy Dimsdale would be leading the golf tournament, which we are still looking at either leaving the date as the third Thursday in January or trying to move it. This is still in discussion. Scott also let everyone know that Joe Campoamor
is already putting his Wild Game committee together and hitting the ground running. Larry Fassett (Club Admin) discussed getting members to give him contacts for great guest speakers. He wants to make sure that we've got quality speakers the entire year. Pat Skidmore (Service Projects) let everyone know that we will need tools and bodies for our upcoming service project on the 21st - 22nd. Sign up sheets should be filled in soon! The meeting was adjourned as a reminder to come next week to see Joe Zuknick speak to the Club about his S4TL experience.
The Rotary Club of Brandon is celebrating several birthdays, anniversaries and club anniversaries this week. A special congrats to:
Sheila Donalson (August 5th) - Happy Birthday!
Clyde Eisenberg (August 1st) - Happy 34th Anniversary to you and Patti!
Pat Skidmore (August 3rd) - Happy 33 Year Rotary Anniversary!
John Dwyer (August 5th) - Happy 18 Year Rotary Anniversary!
Upcoming August Events
17th - Rotary Club of Brandon Board Meeting @ Bank of Tampa - Brandon 
21st - 22nd - Club Service Project - Rotary Event Center
25th - Monthly Club Assembly
27th - Social - Ker's Wing House on HWY 60 in Brandon