ImageThursday, June 5th at the Tampa Club, the Rotary Club of Brandon had a passing of the torch as President Craig Oldham pinned President Elect Chuck Burgess as the 2015-16 President of the Club. Over 60 plus Rotarians, past Rotarians and families attended the annual event. Past President Fred Schwabe served as Master of Ceremonies. Jeff Reynolds and Roger Rivard recognized our Past Presidents' service and then presented our club's plans for the Rotary Event Center off of Ronele and Kings in front of the crowd and past iconic Rotarians George Simmons, Charlie Thurman and Don Pate. President Craig recognized both Derrell Curry and Bob Solano for another year of perfect attendance. Craig also tapped Roger Rivard and Joe Campoamor for their leadership and service in the Rotary Event Center and our 39th Wild Game Night Dinner, respectively. Craig then recapped a very successful year of fundraising, fellowship and our club's win in the Inaugural Paddle for the Camp. President Elect Chuck then recognized President Craig for his year of service with a golden gavel plaque and wine case.

Assistant District Governor Mary Boor then officially installed President Elect Chuck Burgess. Chuck then presented a look at the past, the present and goals for the future for the club. He then thanked all of the 2015-16 officers and directors for their commitment to serving and impacting: Dave Brown (President Elect), Debbie Meegan (Secretary), Justin Northcutt (Treasurer), Fred Schwabe (Sergeant at Arms), Craig Oldham (Past President), Larry Fassett (Club Administration), Pat Skidmore (Service Projects), B. Lee Elam (Public Relations), Roger Rivard (Membership), Scott Carter (Fundraising) and John Dwyer (Events). Chuck concluded the evening with a toast for future success. During the evening's ceremonies,

Imagethe Club also recognized both Lee Elam and Bob Solano with a "best effort" version of Happy Birthday! It was a great evening of fun and fellowship to get the next Rotary year kicked off.