Past President Dave Brown,  President Debbie Meegan, President Elect John Dwyer
Over 90 Rotarians, friends and family members gathered on June 19, 2018 to celebrate the Installation of the new Club President Debbie Meegan and her Officers and Board of Directors for the upcoming Rotary Year. Joining the leadership team for this year are:
 John Dwyer- President-Elect,               Jeff Campbell- Secretary,
Michael Hayes- Treasurer,                    Fred Schwabe- Sergeant-At-Arms,
Clyde Eisenberg- Service Projects,       Larry Fassett- Club Administration
Chris Myers- Membership                    Cade Rivard- Fundraising
Steve Moran- Events                            Immediate Past President- Downtown Dave Brown
Past President Chuck Burgess started the evening off with a lively and creative poem heralding outgoing President Dave’s many accomplishments during his 2017-2018 Rotary Year. Under his leadership, we had a record breaking membership year, installing 15 new members, and a record breaking fundraising year, raising over $90,000 for our scholarships and charities. The club impacted our community by completing four service projects, two of them as joint Rotary Projects with other clubs. We enjoyed food and festivities with our lively Fireside Chats, our legendary Seafood Fest and our always entertaining Socials. Many thanks to Dave and his outgoing Board Members; Ryan Burley, John Gardner and Chris McGuire for all their hard work in making this a very successful year for the Rotary Club of Brandon. We are looking forward to an exciting year under our new leadership.