It was the Valentine's Day edition of the Rotary Club of Brandon's weekly meeting, and it was another packed house as the club got to hear a great talk about the importance of superb public relations, getting ahead of situations by being transparent and ways in which to position your message in order to capitalize on situations both in business and in your personal brand. James Judge served in Afghanistan and then had a lengthy career with Blue Pearl. He is the president of Judge Public Relations whose firm specializes in creating customized creative communication solutions for his clients. He gave first hand accounts of why businesses should be proactive rather than reactive to any situations that arises. He also gave examples of how you can use current news to insert yourself or your business as part of a major story by lending advice or commenting on the current event.  He encouraged businesses to do good, and then tell people about the good they do using all the media formats available: press releases to the various media outlets as well as all the social media available.
The club enjoyed visiting Rotarian, Mike Meegan who made sure to give a happy dollar to announce that he was taking his wife out to a nice Valentine's Rotary lunch! The club also welcomed guest Brian Glaser to the weekly meeting.

Happy dollars were aplenty as one would expect on Valentine's Day. Bob Ura got things started with a happy dollar in celebration of the awesome soccer year his daughter and her league had this year. He also was happy that she was accepted at both FSU and UF and was happy she chose the right one- FSU. This choice made Lee Elam extremely happy, but not happy enough to put a dollar in himself for the future 'Nole! Justin Northcutt had a couple of happy dollars to celebrate Steve Moran who helped Justin and his wife Kendall sell their house and purchase a new one. The big happy dollar, though, was saved for the big announcement that they were expecting a boy! 
President Chuck reminded everyone of the important Club Service Day at the Rivard-Simmons Rotary Event Center. Lots to do for everyone as we finalize all the projects needed to finish the building. A big reminder to continue selling Wild Game Dinner tickets also went out as the club prepares for the biggest event in years.
This coming week the club has several celebrations with Melissa & JJ Massaro celebrating 27 years of marriage on the 24th. Congrats Massaro's! Two Rotarians celebrate club anniversaries with Susan Thomason hitting the six year mark as a Rotarian on the 22nd, and Wayne Strohaker celebrating an entire decade in Rotary on the 27th. Congrats to you both!
 February/March/April Key Dates:
  • 28th – Wild Game Prep Day
  • 3rd – WILD GAME DINNER!!
  • 7th – No Club Meeting
  • 14th, 21st – Guest Speakers
  • 20th – Rotary Board Meeting
  • 28th – Club Assembly
  • 4th – No Club Meeting
  • 6th – Spring Fireside Chat
  • 11th, 18th – Guest Speakers
  • 20th – Annual Fishing Trip