Tuesday, February 9th - Seats were hard to come by at the Rotary Club of Brandon's weekly meeting as Past District Governor George Robertson-Burnett cooked up some fun, sprinkled in a dash of humor and talked to the club about the Recipe for Rotary. Rotarians were glued to every word, partly due to the fun nature of the presentation, and partly because we were trying to understand English coming from a Scottsman.
The meeting got kicked into gear with Sergeant At Arms Fred Schwabe getting the club fired up about Rotarian Michael Hayes' birthday. Jeff Reynolds, as he does so well, led the club in the festivities. Fred then recapped the outstanding service project at the Rotary Event Center by thanking all those that participated in the clearing of land, digging of trenches and felling of trees. President Chuck brought to the club's attention the fact that Larry Fassett could cut down a 50 foot pine tree without a scratch but couldn't open up an envelope without requiring First Aid. Thanks, Larry for showing us that country boys don't mix well with city tasks!
The humor for the day was short and sweet, and the "I nailed the joke" streak for Fred is up to five weeks in a row! This is both a personal and club record for Fred. The program continued with Susan Thomason asking for much needed assistance with the Wild Game Dinner raffle/door prizes. Club members were asked to please contribute to getting gift cards and items to make the event a success. Dave West acknowledged how daunting a task this is and complimented Susan as a true Rotary Wild Game Dinner warrior with her relentless pursuit of any and all items for the cause! Chuck made sure to remind all Rotarians to order their shirts for Wild Game Dinner or a business shirt with the Rotary logo to represent the club both at the event and beyond. Chuck also encouraged all members that were not currently on a Wild Game Dinner committee to get with a chairman of a committee so they could get engaged.
Larry Fassett was handed the baton for one of his patented introductions, and George Robertson-Burnett was off to the races talking about his Rotary story and the secret sauce to a great Rotary experience. Fellowship, networking and doing good in the world were the ingredients to success. George also gave the club a little known tidbit that copper wire actually was invented by two Scottsmen fighting over a penny! After his presentation, George complimented our club for having the largest growth in the district since July 1st and talked about all of the energy and enthusiasm in the room. It was an awesome meeting!
This week the Rotary Club of Brandon will be treated to Tad Denham who is in charge of Community Affairs and Government relations for TECO. Tad has been a driving force for TECO building relationships and spreading all of the great things that TECO has done for our community over the years.
There are no birthdays or anniversaries this week to celebrate, but every week at Rotary is a party!
Upcoming February/March Key Dates
15th - Rotary BOD Meeting - The Outreach Clinic Community Room
16th - Weekly Meeting - Tad Denham Guest Speaker
23rd - Weekly Meeting - Club Assembly
25th - Monthly Social - World of Beer
1st - Weekly Meeting - Wild Game Prep
4th - Wild Game Dinner!! - Boggy Bottom Ranch
8th - No Meeting!!