World travel and a life-impacting experience were the topics of the day at the Rotary Club of Brandon's weekly meeting. Guest speakers Joe Zuknick, who traveled to S4TL this past year, and former Rotary Youth Exchange student, Maggie Thallinger, captivated the Rotarians with tales of world travel through Europe and Canada as well as making friends, gaining confidence and personal exploration at S4TL. It was a feel good day for everyone as these two young leaders shared their appreciation for the experiences they have received through Rotary. Joe Zuknick walked us through his stay in the dorms and meeting his S4TL roommate for the first time to the Rap sessions with Rotarians to skits and projects where he gained confidence and came out of his shell. He also thanked Craig Oldham for nominating him and giving him this life-changing experience.
Maggie, who was hosted by Joe and Beth Campoamor four years ago, came back to join us for lunch an entirely different person. Four years removed from her junior year, she has been an au pair, traveled throughout Europe (Barcelona was her favorite), started her schooling in Vienna to become a teacher of English and was in her first wedding as a bridesmaid for Joe's son Joe this past weekend! Maggie told us all how her RYE experience has launched her love for travel and experiencing new things and thanked us all again for such a wonderful experience.
Happy dollars abounded as Susan Thomason let us know that she FINALLY got gas in her boat, Joe Campoamor was both proud of his son's wedding and happy it was over, Bland Eng thanked Chris Larson for bailing him out (literally) of a plumbing situation, Debbie encouraged us all to please lend a hand if we could to take Mike to his weekly treatments and Derrell Curry was pumped that we got the Rotary Event Center through rezoning! Mike Edenfield let us know that Rotary's Camp Florida was in need of supplies and volunteers to assist with the assembly of the Camp's new playground with their partnership with Kaboom!. Roger let us all know about George Simmons and his current health conditions, and the club wanted him to pass along our well wishes to George and his family.
The big news of the day was John Dwyer and Larry Fassett letting us know about our first service project of the Rotary year along with the tools and equipment that was needed to make the project a success. Friday at 3:00PM and Saturday at 8:00AM were the start times, and Rotarians couldn't wait to sign up! 
This week's celebrations include:
Troy Dimsdale's Birthday - August29th
​Troy Dimsdale's Rotary Anniversary - August 29th - 15 Years!! and Dave Brown's Rotary Anniversary - August 30th - 4 Years!
Congrats to both Troy and Dave! This week's meeting will be our Club Assembly as well as the club taking nominations for charities to consider supporting for this year. Should be another great meeting! This Thursday, August 27th, is also the club's monthly fellowship social which will be held at the Wing House on HWY 60 beginning at 6:00PM. 
Important Dates for September
1st - Charity Luncheon recognizing this past year's charities/Guest speaker from Publix charities
8th - Charity Presentations/Guest speaker - Andrew Warren
14th - Rotary Board of Director's Meeting @ 6:00 - Bank of Tampa
15th - Charity Presentations
22nd - Charity Board announces recommended charities for 2015-16
24th - Monthly Social - Top Golf! Bring a friend!
29th - District Governor Tom Wagner visits Rotary Club of Brandon