Tuesday, March 15th - The Rotary Club of Brandon's weekly meeting became a spine tingling experience as Dr. Matt Wilson of Epic Chiropractic and Wellness visited as our guest speaker to discuss the challenges of proper spine alignment in today's technological world. Prior to that, however, our weekly Emcee, Fred Schwabe, got things kicked into gear welcoming several guests, most notably Eleanor Saunders from ECHO. Fred delivered another breakfast joke that met mixed reviews and is determined to regain his momentum for another streak!
There were Happy Dollars flying around with great news about our Wild Game Dinner, community service project at the Rotary Event Center and Chris Larson helping out our members once again. Wild Game Chair Joe Campoamor made a point to thank all of the committee chairs that led their respective areas, our sponsors and the entire club for their tireless service and efforts in making the event one of the more successful ones over the years. Larry Fassett and Chuck Burgess both thanked those that attended the Rotary Event Center service project. Those that showed up did an outstanding job of taking down walls, putting up temporary walls and getting us a step closer to a permanent home.
Chuck then discussed that we were only at the Loft another few weeks, and that we would be proposing another location for the club's approval next week. O'Brien's and Macaroni Grill were two options, but we needed to get further info prior to presenting.
Dr. Matt took over from there talking to the club about how the emergence of mobile devices and computers are changing the spine alignment of adults and children. He informed us what a normal, healthy spine should look like and examples of spines that are out of alignment look as well. Dr. Matt offered to donate the consultation fee for every Rotarian that comes in to get checked out back to our Rotary Club!
Larry Fassett has set up Dr. Jean Batronie of the St. Jude Helping Hand Foundation as our guest speaker. The Rotary Club of Brandon will also be inducting new member, Chris Myers!
Special Club Celebrations this week include: Birthday - Tom Odiorne - March 26th, Anniversaries - David & Susan West (March 21st - 35 years), Craig Oldham & Peggy Colleran (March 26 - 22 years), Ron & Connie Marshall (March 27 - 35 years)
Key Dates
29th - Club Assembly
31st - Monthly Social - Top Golf
7th - Fireside Chat