ImageIt was an historic day for the Rotary Club of Brandon this past Tuesday as Cade Rivard and David Sigler began their journey into Rotary by officially joining the Rotary Club of Brandon. Cade, sponsored by John Sellers, was joined by his longtime Rotarian father Roger Rivard and the matriach of the Rivard family, Kimberly Rivard. David was joined by neighbor, friend and even longer time Rotarian, Pat Skidmore, for the ceremony. Both newly pinned Rotarians spoke about their excitement of joining Rotary, and President Chuck Burgess spoke to them both of the honor, prestige and responsibility that comes with being a member of the Rotary Club of Brandon. Cade and David were then handed off to Club Administrator Larry Fassett for their introduction into the Baby Rote program where they will get to learn more about Rotary, the Rotary Club of Brandon and how it operates, and how to get rid of that doggone red badge in order to wear the official blue badge. Cade and David, welcome to THE Rotary Club of Brandon!Image

In addition to adding two awesome new members at the Club's weekly lunch meeting on Tuesday, July 21st, the Club also welcomed guests Chris Hoffman and Kimberly Rivard (Guests of Roger Rivard) and Donald Morris (Guest of Clyde Eisenberg). It was another packed house with very few empty seats as Rotarians shared the great things going on in their lives. Secretary Debbie Meegan announced the birth of a new 8 lb. 15 ounce grandson and some good news on husband Mike's health, world Rotarian trekker Alan Feldman returned from a great trip with his wife and former Club Rotarian Joan Rhyne and her husband Richard, Felix Velasquez announced the birth of a brand new car which was delivered by Roger Rivard, and Pat Skidmore was the happiest person in the room now that David Sigler will have to pay for his own lunches! The Club also celebrated Debbie Meegan's birthday with one of its best ever Happy Birthday renditions, mainly due to Fred Schwabe starting everyone off in the right key.

Announcements were made regarding the upcoming Board of County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, August 11th at 9:00AM in the county building. Club members will meet at the Bob Evans for breakfast at 7:30AM and carpool to the meeting afterwards. The Club's monthly board meeting was a huge success with lots of great conversation and planning, all of which will be discussed in front of the entire Club on Tuesday, July 28th. All Brandon Rotarians are encouraged to attend as several topics on the agenda will come forth for discussion and approval. Committees are forming for community service, PR, membership, club administration and fundraising. President Chuck announced that EVERYONE needs to be tied to both fundraising and at least one other committee in order to make this year as successful as it can be. Past President Craig Oldham relayed that he is putting together dates to visit charities receiving funds this year so we may do a big check presentation and bring awareness to both their causes and to our Club's as well. He invited everyone to try and make the check presentations as these were all funds raised by the entire Club.

ImageThe Club's first Club Assembly for the 2015-16 Rotary year is scheduled for Tuesday, July 28th. The following Tuesday, August 4th, we get a glimpse into the future of Rotary as we hear from Brandon Rotary's S4TL student, Joe Zukmick. He will join the club for lunch to discuss his experience, what he learned and the impact that this Rotary Leadership youth conference has had on him.

A big reminder went out to the Club inviting everyone to attend our very important social at World of Beer on Thursday, July 30th beginning at 6:00PM! Rotary socials are scheduled in order for our members to enjoy fellowship, invite others to join to learn more about Rotary and our Club, connect with each other, network with other professionals and to have lots of FUN! Our socials are the best place to find out exactly where Mike Cessna gets his hair done, if Chris Papp did more deals in one day than Rotary meetings he made last year (either he is awesome at his job or his GPS doesn't recognize THE LOFT as a destination), what Wayne Strohaker actually does for a living, who is helping Troy Dimsdale with the golf tournament (wait, he's running the golf tournament?!), how many pounds of meat Mike Edenfield HAS actually cooked for our Wild Game dinners and if he's a better attorney, butcher or storyteller, how many countries Alan Feldman has actually visited and how many he is allowed to return to, if Chris Larson actually repairs plumbing at 2:00 in the morning and if so, why are people calling him at 2:00 in the morning, what college Jeff Reynolds' son has chosen and what fraternity Jeff is pledging during his son's first semester, is John Dwyer Brandon's most eligible bachelor, and if so, what does that say for Brandon, who is John Gardner's first mate at his next sailing competition and can they keep up with him, who gets to ride in Joe Campoamor's new boat that goes on water AND on land, or who gets to ride shotgun in Felix Velasquez's new car and learn another language, if Dave Brown realizes he only has 49 more weeks until he is president, who will miss a meeting or make up first, Derrell Curry or Bob Solano (Cal Ripken has nothing on these guys!), if Paul Garner just sells the sound equipment or does he moonlight as DJ PG 13, if Rudy and Craig are each other's dentist, and if so, is that

Imageexpected or just weird, if Justin Northcutt will be in a delivery room or will his wife let him be at the social for the birth of his second daughter, how DOES Debbie Meegan deal with being married to the second funniest man in Brandon, will anyone be able to beat Scott Carter in the poker tournament at our Casino Night, will Fred Schwabe be wearing his infamous red tennis shoes and do they actually make him funnier, who will be the next Rotarian to be on Lee Elam's sign and if anyone has seen Bland Eng. Bland? Bland? You never know what stories will be told, what you will learn or what tremendous relationships you will build, so don't miss it!