Saturday 11/7 - What do you call 12 people in a 20 foot Dragon Boat representing our club as the Brandon Rotary Clavicles in the Brandon '86's Dragon Boat Challenge at their annual Seafood Fest? Here's a hint... CHAMPIONS!! That's right, our 12 person crew, made up of Rotarians, friends and family of Rotary and representatives from one of our charities, BSAC, completely dominated the field to take the Championship Oar and claim total supremacy for a year over the likes of Brandon '86, KB Homes, Rivard Buick GMC, two teams from Edward Jones and Arrmaz. How was this even possible? If you ask team captain, John Dwyer, it was totally all about his superior rowing skills in the boat. However, if you ask President Chuck, who was on the Injured Reserve List, it was HIS incredible management skills in putting together the right team (well, John helped with that, too), taking great pictures from the dock, cheering on the Clavicles and awesome heckling skills which he used to totally disrupt the other teams. If you ask everyone else on the team, it was their sheer willpower, strength, teamwork and focus to take down all comers.
Whoever officially gets the credit doesn't matter. What does matter is that WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!! After the fastest run of the morning, the Brandon Rotary Clavicles (named appropriately in honor of Past President Craig for breaking his collar bone after leading us to victory last year) had to go head to head against second seeded TECO in a straight-away fight to the finish from 200 yards out for both the championship and bragging rights for a year. It was a hard fought battle as the Clavicles took the early lead and then strategically got in front of the other Dragon Boat. The team was in complete sync heading to the shore when John Dwyer leapt out of the moving canoe, ran to the hammer and rang the bell sounding final victory. To continue tradition, and as a sign of respect to Past President Craig, he did make sure to fall next to the bell, hold his collar bone and relish the victory!
It was an awesome day of fellowship, competition and fun for all of us that attended and competed. Big kudos to John Dwyer for leading the team to victory and representing our club with pride. Hats off to Brandon '86 as well for putting on a great event and raising funds for our community. Great to have sister clubs in the Brandon area that share the passion of Rotary and make a positive impact. Now if they could just learn to row in a straight line and not run into the dock, I'm sure THEY would have enjoyed the event much better!
We want to encourage others to join in the Dragon Boat Challenge next year, and maybe we could even have more than one team. Way to go, Brandon Rotary Clavicles!