Saturday, February 13th - Brandon Rotarians took time out of their weekend to help lead Rotary's annual Engage Rotary Youth Day held at Rotary's Camp Florida this past Saturday from 10:00 - 4:00. Over 100 area Rotoractors, Interactors and Rotarians joined forces to educate, learn from each other and share Rotary experiences. The day was filled with great talks from District Governor Tom Wagner, District Membership Chair George-Robertson Burnett, awesome Rotarian Nick Hall, an amazing Rotary Youth Exchange student from Finland and many Rotoract presidents and high school Interact members. Team-building focusing on communication, cooperation and leadership were the themes of the day as was a very intensive service project helping Rotary's Camp Florida move their offices to their new location.
It was great to see our Brandon Rotarians in lead roles working with Rotary Youth. The passion, energy and excitement for doing good in the world was on full display! A big thanks to Alan Feldman, Fred Schwabe, Susan Thomason, John Sellers, Chequita Burgess and Brandon Burgess (the only middle schooler to attend) who all participated in the event along with President Chuck. Due to everyone's efforts, the Rotary Club of Brandon is one step closer to getting its Presidential Citation! Only one more step to go, and that's to get everyone to activate their accounts on
The event was a ton of fun for all participants as everyone was organized in six different groups where they competed in a series of team-building tasks such as the four person ski walk, the ever shrinking Four Way Test challenge, the blindfolded water transport game and the team golf ball relay. To experience the joy of Rotary through our youth was refreshing and inspiring to everyone involved. Look out Brandon Rotary, we may have to institute some of these cool things at our next Fireside Chat!!
Again, a big thanks to the leadership of our club members that participated and helped to position us for our district leadership award! Rotary in Action. You've got to love it!