This past weekend's Brandon Rotary service project at the Rotary Event Center had a little bit of everything. While many Rotarians were in small teams deconstructing the building, others were in construction mode by building temporary walls for the ones coming down. HRIC, Larry Fassett, (Head Rotarian In Charge) led the small, but mighty contingent throughout the long six hours of work, and a lot got done. Walls were knocked down, the chimney was removed, an entire bathroom was removed, part of the back roof came down and two false walls were constructed.
A big thank you to the entire work crew who pretty much all got there bright and early and stayed to the end. Thanks to Larry Fassett, Pat Skidmore, Scott Carter, Ron Croone, John Sellers, Wayne Strohaker, Chris Larson, Rocky Santa Cruz, Alan Feldman, Paul Garner, hopefully future Rotarian Rob Armstrong, Chuck Burgess, Chequita Burgess and Brandon Burgess. Also, a big thank you to Susan Thomason who took care of feeding the troops!
To say that this was a labor intensive project would be an understatement. Watching the elder statesmen of our club work non stop swinging sledgehammers, carrying concrete all day, throwing around plywood, tearing down a roof, ripping down walls and doing so all day long was truly impressive and inspirational. There truly is a lot of blood, sweat and elbow grease going into the REC by many dedicated and committed Rotarians month after month.
We are one step closer to getting it done, and we are more excited than ever to finally have a permanent home. Again, thanks to all of the Rotarians and friends of Rotary that showed up to make it happen! Way to go, Brandon Rotary!