After months of preparation, planning and hard work, the Rotary Club of Brandon held its Annual Wild Game Dinner to the tune of raising over $50,000 plus for its local, chosen charities. It was another amazing turnout with almost 600 in attendance from all over the state, and even some coming in from outside the state to partake in what has long been the club's signature event. Event Chairman, Joe Campoamor, put his team in action, and they did not disappoint!
With several club members hunting throughout the year all over the country and beyond to supply much of the wild game including elk, moose, venison and boar, there was plenty enough to go around coupled with Lupton's array of tasty vittles as a backdrop. Feeding 600 hungry guys is not an easy task, but the hard work of the club and Lupton's amazing staff was up to the task. In fact, the Rotary Club of Brandon even had enough left over to donate over 300 meals to Meals on Wheels. Over the past five years, the club has provided over 1,000 meals from this event to those in need on top of the dollars raised for charities. 
A huge thank you to the Boy Scouts of America who donated golf clubs, fishing rods and assisted with supervising the VIP area. Jeff Rock and his group also provided an opportunity for us to hunt hogs on their property which Joe Campoamor gladly took care of!
For most club members, the night of the event is a non-stop, frenetic pace of taking care of the guests. From tending the bar to serving the food to selling raffle tickets to announcing the event to minding the beer truck and beyond, the club rallied and worked together for one of its best events in years. Big kudos to Mike Edenfield and his meat preparation team as they worked three days to prepare some of the best food at the event. Thanks to Ryan Burley, Jeff Reynolds, John Dwyer, Chris McGuire, Rudy Liddell, Rocky Santa Cruz, John Sellers, Roger Rivard, Steve Moran, Troy Dimsdale for all of your work in preparing over 400 pounds of meat! Whether it was Roger Rivard's 800 pound moose, the eight hogs that Joe Campoamor supplied, the venison from some of our club's hunters in Nebraska or the quail, gator or elk, this team did an outstanding job! The moose chili alone is worth the price of admission as was Derrell Curry's famous salad (Thanks, Derrell)!
Also, a big thanks to John Sellers and his team of Bland Eng (and son Brandon), Chris Myers and Bob Ura for taking care of all of our guns for the raffle, Paul Garner for doing another great job on the mic, Wayne Strohaker for taking care of the hogs in the box, our illustrious check in group of Maria Lewis, Fred Schwabe, Kathy Curry and Debbie Meegan, our bar crew and beer truck attendees Jeff Campbell (chair), Alan Feldman, Clyde Eisenberg, Chris Papp (and his dad!), Mike Meegan (I think he works more in our club than his own!), Ron Croone, who worked ALL night long, Scott Carter and Chris Larson for taking care of the silent auction and raffle items, the money guys - Justin Northcutt, Vince Ferraro and Michael Hayes, our king ticket seller Larry Fassett and his team of Ron Marshall (loved the hat, Ron!), Pat Skidmore and JJ Massaro, our cigar master Craig Oldham, our sponsor signage guy Tom Odiorne, our VIP organizer Cade Rivard, the best dang clam steamers in town - Bob Solano and family. THANK YOU ALL!!
Overall, it was a fantastic event that will make a significant impact in our community. Way to go, Rotary Club of Brandon!!